The Details of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a beneficial and successful restorative dental treatment that can help you restore the health and function of a severely decayed or damaged tooth. If you’re about to help your smile with a root canal treatment, our dentists, Dr. LaRose and Dr. Smith, would like to tell you all about the steps involved. That way you won’t... read more »

Test What You Know About Dental Emergencies Here

It’s best to know all about dental emergencies so you can properly handle them when you experience one. This can also help you keep a calm, relaxed manner, which can help you and your smile in more ways than you might realize. So, our dentist, Dr. Dr. Alexis LaRose, would like to test what you know about dental emergencies by... read more »

Taking Good Care of Your Pearly Whites Benefits Your Smile

Taking good care of your teeth will help you have a smile you can be proud of. Proper oral hygiene is essential to a healthy smile and brushing your teeth removes dental plaque and food particles which can otherwise lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Today, Dr. Alexis LaRose would like to give you some helpful tips to encourage... read more »