Treating Bad Breath at Home

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Are you suffering from bad breath? Does your breath become rank after eating certain foods? You are not the only one to have this issue, and we would like to help! Today, we will offer some home remedies for bad breath, or halitosis, that you can try to rectify the situation.

First, if morning breath is your concern, relax. Saliva helps to rid your mouth of food particles naturally, and when your sleeping your salivary production is reduced. Having a dry mouth is a known cause for bad breath and your mouth can dry out even more if you sleep with your mouth open. You can try to keep your mouth moist and you can drink water as needed.

Brushing your teeth and tongue after eating, and using an antibacterial toothpaste, may be especially beneficial to you. Additionally, flossing once a day can also help to reduce bad breath. These two dental hygiene habits work together and can remove food particles that would otherwise stay in your mouth and feed the bacteria naturally living there. Your tongue can be the perfect place for the bacteria to grow, so brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper on it could help reduce foul odors.

If you believe that a certain food is the culprit, the simplest solution is to try avoiding that food. Foods that are sticky or sugary can also be a cause because they could linger in your mouth and feed the noxious bacteria.

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