The Fundamentals of Thumb Sucking

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Are you aware that thumb sucking in children can damage their oral health? Not only can it make them more susceptible to problems like dental erosion and gum disease, it can also cause misalignments and bad bites.

For information about thumb sucking, read on.

– Children commonly suck their thumbs because they are scared or insecure.
– Teeth can be moved out of their proper alignment by thumb sucking.
– Although it should only be used if other treatment levels have failed, your dentist can suggest products that taste bad and are specifically used to discourage children from sucking their thumbs.
– Thumb sucking frequently will not only delay the growth of a baby’s teeth, but it can even alter the position of adult teeth.
– Sometimes, gently encouraging your child to quit, and rewarding them for good behavior can help them break the habit.
– If you want to break a child’s habit of thumb sucking, do not rely on pacifiers, as they can cause the same type of harm to your teeth that thumb sucking can.
– If a child sucks their thumb, they could introduce new bacteria to their mouths.

To treat thumb sucking, make sure you are following the proper techniques for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. Dr. Alexis LaRose and our team at Kootenai Family Dental can answer your questions, examine your child, and give his teeth a professional cleaning. Contact our office in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, at 208-664-8283. We look forward to improving your child’s smile!