How Long Can You Keep Your Toothpaste?

How long do you keep your toothpaste? For most of us, we will keep that tube around as long they can squeeze just a little more onto the brush. But what about that toothpaste you keep with your luggage or your travel kit? How long can you hang on to... Read more »

Shield the Molars & Premolars With Dental Sealants

Are you concerned about your dental health, or that of your child? Would you like to give your smile or your child’s smile an extra burst of protection? Ask us about dental sealants. Dental sealant is a plastic material that is painted thinly over the chewing surfaces of the back... Read more »

Treating Bad Breath at Home

Are you suffering from bad breath? Does your breath become rank after eating certain foods? You are not the only one to have this issue, and we would like to help! Today, we will offer some home remedies for bad breath, or halitosis, that you can try to rectify the... Read more »

Flossing is Essential to Oral Health

If you want a healthy smile, then remember to floss. Flossing is essential to having positive oral health. Our dentists, Dr. LaRose and Smith with Kootenai Family Dental in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, understand the importance of flossing and are happy to help you learn more about flossing and your flossing... Read more »

Step Up Your Oral Health Care with Unhealthy Food Avoidance

Building a better smile starts with implementing oral health care routines that focus directly on your smile. The choices you make in your day-to-day life, including your dietary selections, play a key role in the formation of any ailments that may befall your smile. Even if you believe that you're... Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Toothbrushing Techniques

  Brushing your teeth often requires making sure you are taking the necessary steps to adequately clean all areas and sides of a tooth. However, a toothbrush will not be able to clean between teeth, so an alternative interdental cleaner will be needed. When selecting your toothbrush, always make sure... Read more »

Whitening Strips Might Help Remove Newly Developed Dental Stains

Dental stains can develop when microscopic dark particles manage to infiltrate the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel. If they’re not removed in a reasonable amount of time minor surface stains can start to saturate deep into your teeth causing significant dental stains. This level of dental staining can rarely... Read more »

Have You Ever Wondered How a Dental Bridge Is Placed?

At Kootenai Family Dental, we often recommend a dental bridge for a patient who has lost one or more teeth. If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges, we can provide you with a review of how we place this appliance. Typically, it requires two separate visits to... Read more »

Increase Your Dental Knowledge on Chewing Gum

  In order to keep the risk of dental damage at a minimum, it is always a good idea to seek out new ways to improve your oral health. One highly effective treatment that you may not have thought of is by employing sugarless chewing gum. Numerous studies have shown... Read more »

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath, which is also called halitosis, is a big downer in social situations. Sometimes having bad breath just indicates that you need to brush your teeth or use a mint, but that is not always enough. Read on for some common causes of bad breath: Dental Problems Bad breath... Read more »