Flossing is Essential to Oral Health

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If you want a healthy smile, then remember to floss. Flossing is essential to having positive oral health. Our dentists, Dr. LaRose and Smith with Kootenai Family Dental in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, understand the importance of flossing and are happy to help you learn more about flossing and your flossing options.

When it comes to flossing, remember they go hand-in-hand with brushing your teeth. Without flossing, you are putting your oral health at risk of severe complications. Thankfully, there are three main types of dental floss that can be used for your individual needs.

Water Flossers
Water flossers is an innovative way of flossing your teeth that uses a burst of water pressure to clean your teeth. Water flossers are a delightful tool for those who struggle with traditional floss and coordination in both adults and children alike. Water flossers are also tender on the gums and becoming increasingly popular.

Waxed Floss
Waxed floss is a more traditional flossing tool that is slick and easy to use for tight teeth. This type of floss intended for those who have misaligned teeth, or teeth that are very close together and hard to floss. The wax moves the floss easier between your teeth easier.

Unwaxed Floss
Unwaxed floss is also a traditional form dental string. In a nutshell, it is ideal for those who have aligned teeth and don’t need the extra wax to try and wedge between teeth. This floss works well to keep your teeth in pristine shape.

The moral of the story is no matter what type of floss you choose, the important thing to remember any type of dental floss is better than no dental floss at all. If you need a dental cleaning or have questions about your oral health, call us at 208-664-8283.